Our Story


Lusk, Wyoming is a community in Southeastern Wyoming of about 46,000…cows, and about 2,000 people.  Interestingly enough, since announcing God’s call on our lives to plant a new church in Lusk, we have seen nearly every kind of response.  Most are excited and very supportive, but some have asked, “Is it worth all the effort for such a small town?”  Others have asked, “Does a small town like Lusk really need another church?”  And still others have asked, “Why would you want to go there?”  Though we have seriously pondered these questions ourselves, God keeps reassuring His call with one simple truth:



Lost People Matter to God.


Do you remember the parable of the Lost Sheep that Jesus told in Luke 15?  It is a beautiful illustration of God’s heart for lost people.  The picture is of a shepherd with a flock of sheep.  One of the sheep wanders away from the flock where it is dangerous and they will soon be destroyed.  In the parable Jesus reminds his listeners that a good shepherd would leave the 99 that are safe to pursue and rescue the one that is lost.  Then Jesus says, “I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent” (Luke 15:7). So, how many lost people are worth the risk, the investment, the sacrifice?  One.

This is what drives us as a church.  However, the truth is that there is NOT just one, but rather hundreds of people who don’t know Christ in Lusk, WY and hundreds more who aren't connected with a life-giving church.  There is a huge need for the Gospel to be more than something that people believe, but something that they see.  For this reason we exist to help people BEGIN and GROW in Jesus.  We believe that as the hope of Christ invades people's lives that we will see a fresh move of God in Niobrara County.

If this gets you fired up, let's talk.  You can contact us and we'd love to visit with you about how you could link arms with us in this journey!

Risk-takers for the Kingdom,
The DesEnfants Family